Download Instagram Videos & Photos

Save any Instagram video or photo online! Paste video or photo URL into the input below, and it will download the post.

Save For Instagram In 3 Steps

Download Instagram videos and pictures online by simply pasting the media URL above and hitting "Download”. Our tool is the best Instagram video & photo downloader online.

1. Copy Instagram Post URL
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2. Paste URL in the field above

Download Instagram Videos & Photos

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Save any Instagram video or photo online! Paste video or photo URL into the input below, and it will download the post.

3. Press "Download"

Download Instagram Videos & Photos

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Save any Instagram video or photo online! Paste video or photo URL into the input below, and it will download the post.

Instagram photo and video uploader

Scrolling through the feed of your Instagram account, you may want to save your favorite video or photo on your phone. Adding them to “Favorites” is not always the best idea, therefore, the relevance of using downloaders grows. With their help, it will be much easier and much faster to download Instagram photo.

How to do this at our site?

You can download video from Instagram quickly and without downloading additional programs. The site gives such opportunity, which will not take much of your time. And the desired image or video will get to your PCin a couple of minutes.

To download Instagram photo online, follow a simple algorithm:

  1. Go to our official website specializing in promotion of social networks and providing various services in this direction.
  2. Select a language for a comfortable use. If necessary, it can be changed in the upper right corner. Choose among Russian, English, French, Turkish, Mexican, Italian and many others.
  3. The top panel of the website shows a list of services provided to the customers. Select "Download" from the list.
  4. A new window will openallowing to download the photo or video you need.
  5. Copy the link to the desired image or video to the empty address bar.
  6. Next, activate the download by clicking the “Download” button.
  7. The desired media file will automatically start downloading to your device.
  8. Move the new file from the downloads of your browser to the desktop.

If you have any difficulties with finding the necessary link and placing it in the search box, use the small tips on the site. There are detailed photos with step-by-step instructions. It is enough to perform only these three simple steps.

Why is there a need to download photos using the downloader?

The most popular network is not perfect. The app of this social network has the ability to save the photos or videos needed. But when you go to the section with all your “saves”, you can clearly pay attention to how the quality changes. It is much worse than the original image.

Direct installing files on your phone or computer does not work. The creators took care of content protection so that no one could give out your photos for their own ones or copy your entire account on the social network. As it turns out, such a security measure, has not only advantages, but also a significant drawback.

Why are the alternative download options inefficient and more complex?

Many users may not be aware of our site, but it is here that you can get the right content the fastest. Often, they use more radical methods. We will explain why they do not always work as wanted:

  • Taking a screenshot. The easiest and most proven way. Just take a screenshot on the phone and cut out the “traces” of the social network. A special photo editor on the computer may help. The same method is used for Instagram Stories. But you won’t save the video this way. A huge disadvantage is a significant decrease of the image quality.
  • Web developer tools on PC. It is extremely difficult to use them, and even phased instructions will not protect against the appearance of possible problems. This method involves changing the page code and taking the link of the photo itself. With a video, this method will not work, and not everyone will want to spend a lot of time for one shot.
  • The official way. To do this, you need to download a separate app from the developers of the social network. This may take some time, and even more you will spend studying all the nuances. Using the program on the phone is more difficult, and using a computer is not always possible. Therefore, many people leave this method aside without active studying of the details.

Summary of Instagram and video downloaders

No need to think long about how to download Instagram videos online. It is enough to go to our website, get acquaintedto the intuitive interface and get the necessary content on your computer. Detailed instructions will not make you the unnecessary problems, and the minimum time will be spent. Thus, you can forget about proven, but not always effective ways, like screenshots, additional programs, or using a web developer.